Zines & Other Stuff
All About Jazz Terrific on-line jazz magazine focusing on interactive fan forums.
All Music Guide Jazz Comprehensive reviews of jazz CDs and info about jazz history.
BBC Jazz Informative jazz section from the BBC with a great quick guide to jazz.
Down Beat The online version of the famous jazz magazine.
Europe Jazz Network Professional collective promoting European jazz.
IAJE The website of the International Association for Jazz Education.
Jazz & Blues Featuring downloadable issues of the Jazz & Blues magazine.
Jazz Corner Flashy jazz website with lots of news and other features.
Jazz Discography Project Terrific catalogue of record releases and session dates.
Jazz Files Information site with artist profiles from jazz's "finest hour" - the 1950s.
Jazz Guitar Online Free jazz guitar lessons, tabs, chords, licks & more.
Jazz History - all of it! Blogspot with some interesting historical notes.
Jazz Improv Magazine for jazz enthusiasts and musicians with lots of artist info.
Jazz Now Long-running internet monthly billed as "The Jazz World Magazine".
Jazz Online Magazine featuring articles about jazz artists, CD reviews and contests.
Jazz Police A great place to go for those checking out live jazz in the USA.
Jazz Site Informative UK site billed as "A voice for jazz".
Jazz Weekly Dedicated to "Creative Music and Other Forms of Avant-Garde".
Jazzine.com Interviews, reviews, artist bios and other jazz stuff.
JAZZIZ Website of popular print magazine offering plenty of extras for members.
JazzPlus Jazz shop with daily news, free MP3 files and some provocative opinions.
jazzreview.com Well organised jazz music guide & e-zine.
JazzTimes Thousands of CD reviews and news from the magazine's print edition.
JazzWeek Website of magazine that features both real jazz and the smoothie stuff.
MODALJAZZ.com Mainly for aspiring musicians, good site dedicated to modal jazz.
Passion for Jazz Terrific jazz history site with plenty of stuff for shoppers too.
PBS Jazz Home page of the Ken Burns film and the 'Jazz Kids' section for children.

Online Streams
ACCUJAZZ.com Fabulous collection of online jazz streams all in one place.
BBC Jazz A listening guide to the various jazz programs offered by Britain's BBC.
Classic Jazz Corner Dr Horner's straight-ahead, hardbop, and classic jazz stream.
Curt's Café Noir Mainstream jazz from the classic artists and newcomers.
digJazz From ABC Australia... best online jazz station by an outback mile.
Jazz Planet One For fans of the jazz golden age from 1950-69.
Jazz Radio Stations Online A good collection of links to online streams.
JAZZ.FM91 Canada's premier jazz station based in Toronto.
KCSM 91.1 Terrific Bay Area listener-supported jazz public radio station.
KJAZ Direct broadband link to legendary San Francisco station's jazz stream.
KJAZZ Jazz, blues and information from California State University in Long Beach.
KMHD Championing jazz as an indigenous, culturally significant American art form.
KSDS Mainstream/traditional jazz from San Diego public radio station.
SKY.fm Free-sounding modern jazz stream featuring music from the 1950s onward.
WBGO Straightahead public radio station based in Newark, New Jersey.
WICN New England's jazz and folk public radio station.
WWOZ Great sounding New Orleans "jazz & heritage" station with lots of local info.

Lists & Recommendations
AAJ Readers' Picks Tallied results from a poll conducted by a top jazz website.
Acclaimed Music An unbeatable list of popular records, now including jazz.
Alan D Desantis' List Good list of recommendations from a Kentucky PhD.
Basic 49+1 Ageing list of recommendations by Thomas Conrad (Excel file).
Best Jazz Albums A "translation" by Jim Determan of 101 picks by Len Lyons.
Best of the Best! David Reitzes' site containing over 100 CD recommendations.
Bob Parlocha Jazz DJ's site with a list of jazz CDs as chosen by his readers.
Café Montmartre Japanese website with alphabetical list of recommendations.
Centro Universitário The "Discografia Sugerida" list from a Brazilian university.
Counterpoint Bookstore "Five Star" recordings from the Penguin Guide to Jazz.
Dan Miller's Lists Lists of essential trumpet, big band and small group recordings.
Deserted Island Picks List of jazz CDs from a site that is hard to track down.
Double Time Top 100 A great Top 100 list from the All About Jazz website.
Guinness Top 100 Jazz Albums from a list by Colin Larkin.
Hutchins' Top 100 Personal choice Top 100 list that is better than most.
Jazz à Écouter Pierre Dulieu's list of 100 CDs with lots of European jazz.
Jazz A/A+ List Recommendations from Tom Hull's personal website.
Jazz-House Historical Masterpieces List of 145 CDs from a European site.
Jazz Lists An index of jazz lists with a good year-by-year "Arbitrary Road Map".
Jazz-L Top "100" Actually a top 143 generated by the subscribers to Jazz-L.
Jazz&Tzaz Century A chronological list of 100 CDs from a Greek jazz website.
Jazzitude Marshall Bowden's list of essential jazz recordings.
jazzman.com Good all-time Top 100 list with lots of more contemporary artists.
Kutztown Recommended List of recommended jazz recordings from a university.
KWMU's 101 Authoritative list from a jazzy St. Louis radio station.
Larry Jackstien's List A very long (529 CDs) list of personal favourites.
Los 100 Mejores Discos De Jazz A good foreign language (Spanish?) list of 100 CDs.
Maurice J Freedman's List A librarian recommends 102 CDs for libraries to collect.
McCloidsman Ministries Recommended jazz CDs from an online store.
Mojo Jazz 96 The "ultimate CD buyer's guide to jazz" from a Dutch website.
Music 84 Recommended Listening A course-oriented list from Harvey Mudd college.
Music Library Service "Basic music library" of small, mid-size & large jazz collections.
New York Times Essential Jazz Library Pages at Amazon from critic Ben Ratliff.
NPR Jazz presents its Basic Jazz Record Library master list.
Rondo Jazz Milestones German site with a relatively short list of jazz CDs.
Rosetta Stone Jazz Picks A list found on the All About Jazz website.
Rough Guide 100 The Rough Guide to Jazz essential CDs list at Amazon UK.
Scaruffi's Best 100 A rank ordered Top 100 plus 961 more recommendations.
Shipton's 100 Jazz Profiles A list of artists from the BBC Radio website.
Suggested Jazz Listening from Paris High School.
Tomajazz Some recommendations in Spanish from Joan Rimbau
Universal Japan A list of jazz artists with recommended CDs from a Japanese site.
Virgin Megastores Jazz All Time Top 50 and 50 Overlooked Albums by Colin Larkin.
WBGO 88 A rank ordered list of 88 jazz recordings from a jazz radio station.
Web-House CD-Liste Jazz German site with a lengthy PDF file of jazz CDs.
Zappaholic Essential Jazz Albums A list of 50 CDs from the Rate Your Music website.
Yanow's Beginner's Guide A list of 300 CDs from the All Music Guide website.
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