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The growing popularity of the 'New Jazz Top 100' list leads me to believe that I am finally starting to get things right. The New Jazz list consists of contemporary recordings released over the last ten years. In mid-2013 - in response to site visitor feedback - the list was given a complete overhaul. The list you see now includes a sizeable amount of European jazz, as well as a handful of albums from the outer limits of the jazz fringe. Site monitoring and visitor feedback since suggests there are some interesting trends in the making.
The Dilemma
If you ask someone over 30 who is not into jazz to define it, they will probably conjure up something in between ragtime and 1940s-style swing. Some might cite some some crossover/smooth jazz musicians... such as George Benson, Kenny G, Chris Botti and David Sanborn to name a few. Over-30s who are into jazz will amost inevitably reel off some of the giants of jazz... Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong... and so on. The common belief here being that jazz is something older people listen to and younger people simply aren't interested.

The Truth
The first New Jazz list in 2004 was an exhaustive amalgam of critical and popular opinion, almost all of it "old-school". The truth is that there is a whole world of hard-to-find contemporary jazz out there that is aimed directly at a younger market. In mid-2013 I created a custom chart for the highest rated jazz albums of the 2000s on the terrific Rate Your Music website. The disparity with the list on Jazz 100 was stunning. Following the ensuing overhaul, New Jazz 100 page visits quadrupled and younger people started getting in touch. It may not be perfect, but it certainly is a lot better.
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