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Welcome to Jazz 100, where the aim is to bring you the very best jazz ever released digitally. Here you will find jazz lists based on comprehensive statistical surveys of critics, record stores, popular polls and our very own online polls. The primary aim is to build lists that will appeal to popular sensibilities and, as such, casual listeners should find it a useful place to start when setting out to build the ultimate jazz collection (including albums, collections & compilations). Seasoned jazz aficionados should also find plenty of interest.
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The Top 200 Jazz Albums
Originally starting out as a straight Top 100, over time the main list has evolved into a Top 200 in order to include a wider range of worthy artists. Miles Davis' classic Kind of Blue is streets ahead of the rest in top spot, with John Coltrane's A Love Supreme comfortably holding the #2 position. This list got a fresh start in mid-2013 in response to site visitor requests to add more European jazz to the poll. A few classic records that gained notoriety in the preceding decade were also added.
(Updated 29 January 2019)

The New Jazz Top 100
A big problem with any sort of "all-time best" list based on a statistical survey is that newer stuff tends to have little or no chance of making the cut. For this reason we also maintain a Top 100 strictly devoted to contemporary recordings released over the last ten years. In mid-2013 - in response to site visitor feedback - this list was given a complete overhaul. It now includes a sizeable amount of European jazz, as well as a handful of albums from the jazz outer limits.
(Updated 29 January 2019)
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